The Federation Of Chinese Scholars In Australia
Dongke Zhang,
FTSE, PhD, FIChemE, CEng, CSci, FIEAust, CPEng, FAIE, MIComb

Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia

When I was installed by the Council of the Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia as the President of FOCSA for two years tenure in March 2011, I formed my Executive Team comprising of Professor Huijun Zhao (Griffith) as the Executive Vice President, Dr Shaofang Wang (WA Chemistry Centre) as the Honorary Secretary, Professor Mingxing Zhang (UQ) as the Honorary Treasurer. We also co-opted Dr Yonggang Zhu (CSIRO) and Dr Shanqing Zhang (Griffith) as the Deputy Secretaries and Professor Feng Wang (Swinburne) as the Publications Coordinator into my term of the FOCSA Executives.

Under my leadership, the Executives see and have committed ourselves to three major tasks during our term:

1. The bi-annual FOCSA Symposium;
2. The on-going coordination and support for science, technology and education collaboration between Australia and China; and
3. The publication of a book that documents the contributions to and views on the science, technology, education and trade between Australia and China, held by some of the elite scholars in Australia of Chinese origin.

This present book, titled as “Vision 2050: What Chinese Scholars in Australia Consider Important to Science, Education and Trade Collaborations between Australia and China”, is the delivery of our work on the aforementioned third task.

Chinese Australian Scholars have played an important role in science, research, industry and technology innovation and development in Australia. They have bridged two countries in cultural, education and science and technology. This book is intended to document and recognize the contributions of Chinese-Australian Scholars, and to enhance the exchange between the two countries.

I take this opportunity to thank all contributors to this book, led by the three past presidents of FOCSA, Professors Max Lu, Aibing Yu and Min Gu. It is your contributions that make the book a success. I also thank all members of the editorial team, especially Dr Yonggang Zhu, Dr Shanqing Zhang and Professor Feng Wang, for their tireless work to source the contributions and edit the volume.

On behalf of the Executives of FOCSA, I present this book to our interested readers.

Dongke Zhang, President of FOCSA
December 2012