The Federation Of Chinese Scholars In Australia

About Us

The Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia (FOCSA) is a non-politic, non-religious and not-for-profit organisation for Chinese Australian scholars and professionals. The Federation is registered with ACT Registrar-General's Office.

FOCSA is established in 2004 as a federation to represent Chinese scholars in Australia. It currently consists of 13 Chinese professional associations across except Tasmania all States in Australia. The objectives of FOCSA are to promote scientific and technological advances, and promote self-development of Chinese Australian scholars across all disciplines; foster exchanges and cooperation in science, technology and education among Chinese Australian scholars, among Chinese professional associations in Australia; encourage Chinese Australians or their affiliated professional associations to make contributions toward the progress in science and technology, and the economical development both in Australia and China and coordinate among the group members to organise events at the federal level and/or represent Chinese Australian scholars to participate in events at the international level.

The Federation is governed by the Council with an Executive Committee as its standing governing body. The Executive Committee conducts its governance through the Secretariat and Professional Committees. The Council is the highest decision making body of the Federation. The Council composes of representatives of group memberships and for a two year term of office. FOCSA holds the Council Annual General Meeting once a year. The Council nominate distinguished individuals in science, technology, education, enterprise and management as its advisor.

The Federation organises national and international events including conference, workshop and exhibition. Especially, a joint biennial symposium between Chinese and Australian scholars and professionals in science, technology and education, and the proposed Annual Australian Chinese Scholars Congress will be the routine events of FOCSA.

Preface of President

FOCSA Constitution 2005

FOCSA Vision 2050 Combined Volume